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Jobs Fund Initiative A

The Jobs Fund is the Deciduous Fruit Development Chamber’s commercialization programme which started in 2016 and is aimed at graduating a group of smallholder farmers to commercial status by 2020. The Jobs Fund (JF) is on its final year of implementation with project completion in December 2020. The programme aims to establish and/or replace 306 hectares of orchards that will result in the creation of 1070 jobs. To date, the programme has established 310 ha in different regions, with implements, machinery and upgrades to infrastructure at different entities. This initiative has created 184 permanent jobs, 812 seasonal jobs, and 645 short term jobs to date. Furthermore, 477 people have been trained since inception.

Kennisgapings is vroeg reeds by die verskillende entiteite geïdentifiseer en verskeie eksperts is ingebring om enige probleemkwessies wat ‘n potensiële risiko vir die program as geheel kan inhou, op te los en waar nodig bystand te verleen. Die doel is om alle JF-boere Global Gap- en SIZA-geakkrediteer te kry teen die einde van die program om te verseker dat hulle toegang kan hê tot enige mark van hul keuse hetsy plaaslik of internasionaal. Verdere markverwante opleiding word beplan om te verseker dat boere die hele waardeketting van hul produk verstaan en nie slegs op produksie gefokus is nie.

Jobs Fund Initiative B

A clean annual audit was obtained with a mid-term monitoring and evaluation review underway. The drought situation in the Western Cape has caused concerns for the fruit industry as whole but the Jobs fund farmers have found ways to mitigate the impact and continue with production.

Raymond Koopstand from La Vouere won the New Generation Award in 2019 for his exceptional performance and intelligent decision-making as a new entrant to the deciduous fruit entity. Previous Toyota New Harvest winners (2014-2017) are all Jobs Fund beneficiaries and are listed below:

  • 2017: Ricard Myburgh
  • 2016: André Cloete
  • 2015: Jacky Goliath
  • 2014: Trevor Abrahams

The Deciduous Fruit Industry’s Jobs Fund Initiatives now have their own website. Find information about our growers here:

Die Jobs Fund bestuurder is: Chrismaine Abrahams, kontak haar by

Vir meer inligting oor die nasionale program, gaan na:

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