Packhouse Action Group (PAG)

The PAG was established to serve the pome fruit industry.
It conducts projects and seminars for the benefit of packhouses.

Objectives of the PAG are to:
  • Stimulate innovation/ testing and introduction of new technologies/adoption of proven technologies
  • Identify issues to make industry more competitive – world leaders
  • Identify priorities /address industry needs through research
  • Address availability of capacity/skills/ education/information dissemination
  • Serve as an industry communication forum to producers and stakeholders, including Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF)
  • Market/logistics intelligence
Fields of operation include:
  • Engineering
  • Packaging
  • Environmental footprint
  • Packhouse
  • Post-Harvest
  • Logistics
  • Communication

EEpacs – Energy Efficient Packhouses and Coldstores

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