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The market development campaigns aim to increase awareness and consumption amongst consumers of South African Stone Fruit in the formal and informal markets.


The informal traders of fresh produce play a great role in the local supply chain. Consequently, education and training are vital, as the trader’s knowledge results in improved handling, marketing, and sales practices. The campaigns were run over a four-month time frame. Activities for Peaches & Nectarines were conducted during late November and December 2022. Plum activations were done at the end of January, February and the beginning of March 2023. The campaigns were targeted in three focus areas namely Fresh produce markets, township education, and trader promotions. Great success has been achieved with this campaign over the last few seasons.

The campaign objectives for 2023:

  1. To build relationships with informal traders.
  2. To educate informal traders on Stone Fruit, to improve their handling, marketing and sales abilities.
  3. To connect with informal traders and collect current information on traders, buying preferences and challenges faced in the formal market.
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Target audience:

  1. Women 25–45 years with families, LSM 7-10
  2. Young men and women 18–25.

Cooperation from the retailers taking part in the campaign was beyond expectation and preliminary feedback suggests that this multi-dimensional campaign was a success with the limited resources available.

The campaign objectives for 2023 are:

  1. Generate awareness of stone fruit in the formal retail market.
  2. Further, develop a relationship with retail trade.
  3. Chef endorsement
  4. Limited media campaign.

Find more information about stone fruit promotions Juicy Delicious.

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Following a pilot project to promote South African plums in 2009, the South African Pome and Stone Fruit industries’ beautiful country, beautiful fruit campaign has grown in stature to become one of the most significant in the fresh produce categories in the UK and German markets. The initiative is helping build shopper loyalty to South African fruit by highlighting its unique freshness, eating quality and special varieties, as well as the ethical and environmental reasons for customers to choose SA stone and top fruit during its season. It is an integrated campaign, promoting the fruit to shoppers in stores with tastings and other activities, online and in the media, including social media.

Click here to go to the UK campaign website and here for the German version.

Marketing activity during the season will highlight South African fruit to British and German shoppers. This will include a range of activities in supermarket stores, including tasting sessions, with information and recipes given away in addition to fruit samples, on-pack competitions and offers, as well as advertising at the point-of-sale and on retailers’ websites. The German promotion will work closely with the main retailers and include in-store promotions, supermarket tastings, leaflets and magazine promotions. The initiative is about highlighting the great quality fruit basket our country offers when it’s at its most delicious, as well as the benefits of buying South African fruit, from the point of view of freshness and eating ethically.

Further to this, the campaign has expanded into the Middle East, Far East and Indian markets.

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