SA Stone Fruit Producers’ Association (SASPA)

In August 1990, the Plum Producers’ Association and the Nectarine and Peach Producers’ Association dissolved and founded the South African Stone Fruit Producers’ Association (SASPA). Following the changes initiated by the new Agricultural Marketing Act of 1996, SASPA converted to a Section 21 (non-profit) company in 1997.


A Board of directors representing the stone fruit producing regions in the SA administers the Association. SASPA falls under the structure of HORTGRO, an umbrella industry service organisation.

  • To promote the common interests and specific needs of stone fruit producers in the RSA and to act as their official mouthpiece and representative.
  • To rationalise and promote the production and marketing of stone fruit and stone fruit products.
  • To encourage and pursue constructive dialogue and mutual co-operation with government and other parties.
  • To foster mutual trust and long-term relationships amongst role players and stakeholders.
  • To establish and promote a reciprocal information system, so as to arm the industry with all available information to enable stakeholders to make informed market decisions.

The association is committed to the following activities:

  • To engage in orderly, responsible and viable production practices which are sustainable over the long term.
  • To stimulate and encourage new product development and product variety.
  • To strengthen adherence to the disciplines and standards that ensure quality, food safety and environmental protection.

Other initiatives which SASPA facilitates include:-

  • Research
  • Communication, Liaison and Representation
  • Trade and Market Access
  • Market Development
  • Training & Social Responsibility
  • Land Reform, Economic Development
  • Plant Improvement and Certification

SASPA believes that by supporting and building on the industry’s strengths and using it to best advantage, by encouraging solidarity and unity between stakeholders, by shaping and strengthening our practices and disciplines, the industry will be better positioned to compete in the international trading arena.

SA Steenvrugprodusente Assosiasie (SASPA)

In Augustus 1990, het die Pruimprodusente Assosiasie en die Nektariene- en Perskeprodusente Assosiasie, ontbind en is die Suid-Afrikaanse Steenvrugprodusente Assosiasie (SASPA) gestig. Nadat die gewysigde nuwe Nasionale Landboubemarkingswet van 1996 in werking getree het, is SASPA in 1997 in ‘n Artikel 21 maatskappy omskep.


‘n Raad van Direkteure verteenwoordig en administreer die steenvrugverbouingstreke in SA. SASPA resorteer onder die struktuur van HORTGRO, die oorkoepelende bedryfsliggaam.

  • Om die gemeenskaplike belange en spesifieke behoeftes van steenvrugprodusente in SA te bevorder en as hul amptelike spreekbuis en verteenwoordiger op te tree.
  • Om die verbouing en bemarking van steenvrugte en steenvrugprodukte te rasionaliseer en te bevorder.
  • Om konstruktiewe dialoog en wedersydse samewerking met die staat en ander belanghebbendes te koester.
  • Om wedersydse vertroue en langtermyn verhoudinge tussen rolspelers en belanghebbendes aan te moedig.
  • Om ‘n inligtingstelsel te vestig en die bedryf met alle beskikbare inligting te bemagtig en belanghebbende partye in staat stel om ingeligte bemarkingsbesluite te neem.
FOKUS AREAS: Die Assosiasie is verbind tot die volgende aktiwiteite:
  • Om ordelike, verantwoordelike en lewensvatbare verbouingspraktyke wat oor die langtermyn volhoubaar is, te onderneem.
  • Om nuwe produkontwikkeling en produkvariëteite te ondersteun en te bevorder.
  • Om die dissiplines en standaarde wat gehalte, voedselveiligheid en omgewingsbeskerming verseker, ten nouste te handhaaf.

Ander inisiatiewe wat SASPA fasiliteer sluit in:

  • Navorsing & Ontwikkeling
  • Kommunikasie, Skakeling en Verteenwoordiging
  • Handel en Marktoegang
  • Markontwikkeling
  • Opleiding en Maatskaplike Verantwoordelikheid
  • Swart Ekonomiese Bemagtiging
  • Grondhervorming, Ekonomiese Ontwikkeling
  • Plantverbetering en -sertifisering

Chairperson: André Smit
Tel: +27 (0)21 870 2900
Fax: +27 (0)21 870 2915


258 Main Street
Western Cape

P O Box 163
South Africa

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