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SHAFFE – Southern Hemisphere Association of Fresh Fruit Exporters

The USA has always been a global market and trade leader but in 2017, Asia[1] surpassed the USA in terms of GDP growth. Over a 15-year period (2002-2015) the Asian GDP grew with over 231% from $6.8 trillion US to over $22.4 trillion with a 15% growth in population. Drilling down into the Asian market, Bangladesh is the front-runner in terms of to GDP growth followed by China and India (5-10%). Although Bangladesh’s GDP growth is currently the highest, from the 9.7 million tons imported by Asia, 42% goes into the China market.

SHAFFE is slowly but surely gaining ground when it comes to imports into Asia, with 20% growth in value from 2016-2017. Over a 5-year period, SHAFFE exports to the Asian market increased by 6.7% whilst Non-SHAFFE exports decreased by 11%. SHAFFE exports to Asia totals to 1.9 million tons. South Africa is the biggest supplier of SHAFFE exports into Asia, exporting 605 388 tons into the top 14-Asian countries. South Africa represents 32% of the total SHAFFE basket. From that 32%, SA Pome Fruit exported to FE & Asia is 26% and Stone Fruit is merely 4%. Looking at Asia from a Global fruit import view, SA only represents 8.5%;-main markets include Hong Kong (21%), China (17%) and Malaysia (17%).

Download full document here: shaffe-hong-kong-26-sept-2018-final

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