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 AGT, going on 10 

By Gerrit Rautenbach

Just over a decade ago the Executive Director of Hortgro, Anton Rabe, had a brainwave. He was pondering that, although agriculture is a business about producing food, it is in essence all about the people producing the food.

Anton was also aware that music can make magic by dismantling walls and boundaries, helping in the healing process of reconciliation and education. Worldwide music is used as a vehicle for social change and bringing communities together.

So Hortgro launched Agri’s Got Talent (AGT) in 2014, and 2023 will mark its 10th year. However, this time round it won’t be a competition but a glitzy and glamorous musical feast! Not even Covid could silence the singing and it has grown to a countrywide fruit industry event of stature.

In its wake, AGT has left many contestants (not only winners) with the passion to plough their gain back into communities.  The competition creates many newfound confidence and life skills as well as being role models for their people.

With AGT, agriculture becomes a people’s story where music is the equaliser, bringing people from all walks of life together in harmony, and helping them grow.

May the next 10 years of AGT never go out of tune.

Watch how AGT has influenced some of the recent participants.


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