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Fruit Fly

Industry pre-empting possible changes to EU plant health requirements

Hortgro would like to inform producers that it continues to monitor further EU plant health developments – specifically the proposed amendments relating to non-European Tephritidae (fruit fly).

The currently planned changes follow on the first range of changes that were introduced in 2018, notably the requirements specific to FCM for Citrus, Capsicums, Prunus persica (peaches and nectarines) and Punica grantum (pomegranates) originating from the African continent and Israel.

The current revision of Annex I-V of Council Directive 2000/29 includes amendments that are of relevance to Citrus, Prunus, and Mangoes relating to non-European Tephritidae (fruit fly).  There will be an obligation on third countries for their NPPO to notify the European Commission on the status of “free from” (either country, region or place of production) non-European Tephritidae (fruit fly).  If a treatment has been conducted, relevant data about the “effective treatment” used should be included in the certificate, and the method used is to be communicated in advance to the European Commission by the NPPO.

The timelines for implementation:

  • 10-11 December 2018: technical agreement among EU Member States experts in Standing Committee.
  • The launch of official WTO notification (60 days)
  • 17 February 2019: deadline for comments from WTO partners
  • February 2019: consideration of third countries feedback and finalisation of the draft proposal
  • March: proposed date of adoption
  • August / September 2019: expected implementation

Hortgro was aware of these possible changes and have for some time been gathering information and been in consultation with various experts. “As soon as we are in a position to give better feedback with workable solutions we will inform producers accordingly,” Hugh Campbell, Hortgro Science General Manager said.

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