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Fruit Fly On Citrus

Machine learning used to study fruit fly

By Jorisna Bonthuys  In the Western Cape, Ceratitis capitata, commonly known as the Mediterranean fruit fly or Medfly, is one of the most economically harmful pests in orchards, causing fruit damage and posing a phytosanitary risk. Four years ago, Gulu Bekker,…

De Doorns Board Fruit Management Zone

How can town residents assist agriculture with fruit fly?

One of the greatest sources of high fruit fly populations is from year-round infestation in town gardens which serve as a source of infestation of adjacent farms. All fruit trees as well as other trees/shrubs which bear fleshy berries/fruitlets can…

Monitoring Bactrocera Dorsalis

Monitoring Bactrocera Dorsalis

Status of Bactrocera dorsalis: Bactrocera dorsalis (Oriental Fruit Fly) is a quarantine pest of Asian origin capable of infesting various commercial fruit crops (400 recorded hosts). It was previously described as the Invader fruit fly (Bactrocera invadens). It is now found in 65 countries…

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