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Mishkaat Anderson has been appointed as the new General Manager at Culdevco Pty Ltd in Stellenbosch.

Anderson follows in the footsteps of Dr Leon von Mollendorff who was at the helm of the marketing and licencing company for the South African deciduous fruit industry varieties. Von Mollendorff, who is retiring, managed Culdevco for fourteen years and helped oversee the transformation of the company to become a Level Two BEE business with the formation of Cultipowered NPC.

Currently, Culdevco, a cultivar marketing and commercialising company, has more than 162 ARC (Agricultural Research Council) cultivars under its management. The varieties include apples, pears, plums, peaches, nectarines, apricots, table, and dried grapes, and are representative of the five primary producer associations in the South African deciduous fruit industry, namely Hortgro Stone, Hortgro Pome, SA Table Grape Industry, Canning Fruit Producers’ Association and Raisins SA.

Anderson is a true Bolander who hails from Wellington, and matriculated at La Rochelle Girl’s High School in Paarl, before moving to Stellenbosch University where she obtained a BSc degree. She also holds a postgraduate degree in industrial engineering and completed various auditing courses. Anderson has 15 years of managerial experience in a variety of fields, including wine, plastics, clothing, construction, and chocolates.

Anderson has worked in a broad spectrum of industries but proudly states that her first job was that of a microbiologist. “I was interested in Culdevco specifically because it revolves around fruit and being part of food production is a great motivator for me,” she explains.

Anderson says she is excited about Culdevco’s new empowerment initiative, Cultipowered NPC. “Transformation is imperative, but the question is how to do it right. I firmly believe it is about getting the right people in the right places.” She is also a believer in a well-balanced lifestyle and is married with two children.

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