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A Bee Enjoying The Nectar On A Flower Of A Plum Tree.

Pollination pricing 2023

The Western Cape Bee Industry Association, the WCBA, is not issuing a recommended tariff this year for members hiring out their beehives for the pollination of agricultural crops.

The WCBA has, instead, advised its members to negotiate individually with farmers. Last year, the recommended tariff was set at R1121 per hive (plus VAT). Despite the decision not to issue the usual pricing guideline, beekeepers continue to face spiralling cost increases, like all sectors of agriculture.
The main input costs for beekeepers are transport (60-70%), wages (20%), maintenance and equipment (5-10%) and supplementary feed for bees (5-10%). All these have risen sharply in the past year.

Download the statement here: pollination tariff

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