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Solar on the water, a dam good idea

To counter the problem of load shedding and to encourage sustainability, farmers are going solar, which is good. But solar on the water is even better, Gerrit Rautenbach discovered. On the one hand, SA’s national electricity supplier is primarily using…

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Load shedding blues

Load shedding in January came at an extremely inconvenient time for deciduous fruit producers, with harvesting, packing and cold store operations currently reaching a seasonal peak. Hortgro's executive director, Anton Rabe, says: "Farms and packhouses had to make adjustments such…

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INDUSTRY TAKES POWER BACK: New dispensation on pome fruit

Load shedding and dispensation for loadout temperatures for apples and winter pears have been a major concern for the pome fruit industry. Now, in a pro-active step, the Packhouse Action Group (PAG) load shedding workgroup met recently to discuss the impact…

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