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Hail is not a storm in a teacup

By Gerrit Rautenbach In January of this year, one of the biggest nightmares for any fruit farmer became a horrible reality in the Langkloof. Hail. Some farmers were fortunate, some less so and some got wrecked by the falling ice.…

Langfontein 1

Rejuvenating Langfontein

The Jobs Fund Project on track: The technical advisor took one look at the sad trees in front of him. “Remove the old wood from the trees,” he commanded. Ricardo du Preez did not question him. He realised that to…

Hortgro Jobs Fund Team At Tulpiekraal

The Jobs Fund on track in the Langkloof

The Jobs Fund (JF) project of the South African deciduous fruit industry is on track and progressing well in the Langkloof. The JF is the commercialisation of emerging growers and an initiative by the Deciduous Fruit Development Chamber (DFDC). It…

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