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FruitFly Africa retains markets

Area-wide fruit fly control helps South African fruit retain global market share.ย The Mediterranean fruit fly or Medfly is a global menace to fruit production. Both Medfly and its close relative, the Cape fruit fly, are phytosanitary pests. South African fruit…

Fruit Fly On Leaf

‘Area-Wide Integrated Pest Managementโ€™ Book

In 1997 Anton Rabe and Brian Barnes got on a plane to meet with Thoko Didiza, the then Deputy-Minister of Agriculture – to lobby for DAFF support for an area-wide integrated pest management project. The support came sometime later with…

De Doorns Board Fruit Management Zone

How can town residents assist agriculture with fruit fly?

One of the greatest sources of high fruit fly populations is from year-round infestation in town gardens which serve as a source of infestation of adjacent farms. All fruit trees as well as other trees/shrubs which bear fleshy berries/fruitlets can…

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