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South African Apple Variety Story Tru Cape Drawing

The South African apple variety story

In this column about the history of apple varieties in South Africa, we will investigate and explore why some varieties succeed and others disappear. The column will consist of extracts taken from a book by Henk Griessel and Buks Nel,…

Matthew Waring Mjaoiige14e Unsplash

How to keep your head above water

People simply do not talk about their emotions enough. They focus a lot on practical matters, and the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic is having on the economy at large, yet do not divulge how it is affecting their own…


Shame in the time of Covid

HOW TO EDUCATE AND INFORM PEOPLE ABOUT COVID-19, RATHER THAN INFLAME AND STIGMATISE By Engela Duvenage   “We don’t want to work with him again, ever. He had the virus.” “I’m not going near her, because her husband’s sister has…

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