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Doubtful Man In Front Of Many Different Doors Choosing One. Diff

The future starts today

Tanja Hichert is a professional futurist who has helped an impressive list of clients โ€” from the City of Cape Town to the World Bank โ€” to identify ways in which to reach their preferred futures. By Anna Mouton. Hichert…

Leadership, Analysis, Business Choice Concept Sketch. Hand Drawn Isolated Vector

The Hortgro Vision of the Future

No one can predict the future. But can we identify actions that we can take today to shape a better tomorrow? By Anna Mouton. Hortgro recently contracted professional futurist Tanja Hichert to facilitate a foresight study for the pome- and…

Farmer Controls Drone Sprayer With A Digital Tablet

Landbou in die Wes-Kaap na Covid-19

Watter langtermyn aanpassings is nodig om die toekoms van landbou te verseker? Die Wes-Kaapse Departement van Landbou se 2020 toekomsbeplanningstudie mik om hierdie vraag te beantwoord. Deur Anna Mouton. Dr Dirk Troskie is verantwoordelik vir beplanning en strategie vir die…

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