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Hortgro staff on the move

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Hugh Campbell

Hortgro’s technical division has been restructured and in future will consist of Hortgro Science and Hortgro Plant Material Management (PMM), reporting to Hortgro Technical.  Hugh Campbell has been promoted to General Manager: Hortgro Technical with Hortgro Science and PMM reporting to this position. This will ensure focus and effective coordination of the various technical issues on an industry level within these two focus areas.

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Prof Wiehann Steyn

As a result Hugh will pass the responsibility for Hortgro Science on to Wiehann Steyn who have been promoted to General Manager: Hortgro Science with key focus on the research programmes, technology transfer, and implementation.

Hugh will also act as Plant Material Manager (a new position) which will focus on the various aspects relating to pome/stone quality of plant material, improvement, cultivar development and evaluation.

Karien Bezuidenhout
Karien Bezuidenhout

Karien Bezuidenhout will head up several of Hortgro’s alternative crops groupings, and as Manager will be responsible for Hortgro Cherries, Dried Tree Fruit, Cape Flora, and the International Prune Association, within the Hortgro umbrella.

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