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Rootstock shortages 2018: Peach & Nectarine Plantings

Producers should note that nurseries are currently experiencing a major shortage of nectarine and peach rootstocks. This means that nurseries may not be able to fulfill orders for the 2018 planting season.

Producers are urged to contact nurseries to determine the current situation regarding their own orders and, where possible, to agree to alternative rootstocks and/or make other arrangements.

There are a number of reasons for the current shortage of rootstocks, including a poor rooting percentage of clonal rootstocks, high demand for almond trees and a shortage of Kakamas pips from SAPO’s mother block source. Operational problems, together with stress conditions caused by the drought and water shortages, further contributed to the current situation.

These issues are currently being reviewed and investigated to prevent a similar situation in the future. The establishment of new mother blocks is also being investigated by SAPO to supplement pip sources for the 2019 planting season. The importation of tissue culture rootstocks is being considered to supplement material for the 2018 season.

Hortgro in collaboration with SAPO will monitor the current situation on a continuous basis to ensure that disruption of the 2018 season will be kept to a minimum, and that producers and nurseries are informed of any developments.

For further inquiries, please contact SAPO’s Burgert van Dyk (

Find the Afrikaans version here: rootstock-shortage-engafr

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