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HORTGRO makes State of the Province Address

HORTGRO made it all the way to Parliament this year when the Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille, gave her State of the Province address, themed: Good governance starts a domino effect. Zille used HORTGRO as an example of industry excellence.

“For any government, at any level, to create conditions for sustained progress towards prosperity for all, requires three pre-conditions: The Rule of Law; a culture of accountability, (in which all members of society take their responsibilities seriously), and a capable state that undertakes its duties efficiently, honestly, and cost-effectively.”

“A good example is HORTGRO, the national services group for the Deciduous Fruit Industry. They have made R20 million available to support a programme to help black farmers expand their orchards, infrastructure and equipment.”


She further said about agriculture: “If anyone still thinks of farmers as unsophisticated rural yokels disconnected from the modern world, they should think again. Technology has revolutionised the industry, attracting tech-savvy entrepreneurs, who are developing platforms and apps that are changing the food production value chain beyond recognition.

When I first read about FruitLook, I assumed it was a raunchy website. I now know that it is an online platform using satellite technology to inspect crops, right down to the level of individual fields, and provide farmers with crucial information to make strategic management decisions.”

Read her full address here:


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