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After closely following and monitoring the FCM pest status for many years it now has unfortunately become a regulated pest in the European Union (including the United Kingdom). A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes to prepare the South African stone fruit industry to adhere to these new regulations without negatively impacting on exports. The new regulation will come into effect during the 2017/2018 stone fruit season and will in short entail the following:


  • New legislation will be applicable to PEACHES & NECTARINES.
  • All orchards intended for exports to the EU & UK MUST REGISTER through an online, electronic platform managed by the industry with DAFF. This platform will be called the Peach and Nectarine FCM Management System.
  • The Peach and Nectarine FCM Management System will entail monitoring at the:
  • orchard/pre-harvest,
  • packhouse delivery
  • and finally at PPECB/DAFF inspection points.


There will be a ZERO tolerance level for any FCM interceptions at any of these points, so ensure that you apply the required management control measures in the orchard to achieve this.


Detail will be communicated to all stakeholders within the next week.

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