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Are you ready for the future?

The HORTGRO Science Technical Symposium 2019 is here to help

 The territory has not become more forgiving and likely never will. Whether the grower’s orchard is faced with perpetual onslaughts by unrelenting pests or being choked by increasingly common water shortages, the fruit game is getting tougher and gives new meaning to “survival of the fittest”.

At the Hortgro Technical Symposium, we aim to not only level the playing field but also raise the bar in an industry known for the production of top quality fruit. Whether you’re new to the game or a battle-scarred veteran, whether fighting according to the rules of Pome or Stone or not, you are set to benefit from this event.

To ensure your survival not only in existing industry territory but also to thrust you into uncharted profit margins the HORTGRO team has carefully developed a line up which will equip you with the necessary strategic knowledge and cutting edge research.

We have a pack of thought leaders, industry experts, and impressionists who will share their knowledge, such as Prof William Gumede (Wits School of Governance), and Stephanie van der Walt (Fruit Desk, Agbiz). Landbouweekblad Editor, Chris Burgess, will be leading a panel discussion with Nick Serfontein (presidential agri advisory team), Kosie van Zyl (Agridwala) and Gerrit van Vuuren (PALS).

Lorren de Kock (WWF) will address the plastic problem, and Paul Nel will give you the low-down on Eskom and power for the future. Several well-known researchers such as Prof Karen Theron, Drs Gerhard Verdoorn, Gideon van Zyl, Pia Addison, Elke Crouch,  Imke Kritzinger, Shelley Johnson and more will share their research.

Four overseas industry champions will tackle topics that threaten your business:

  • Prof Eilon Adar from the Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research, Israel: Water.
  • Dr Alberto Dorigoni, The Edmund Mach Foundation, Italy: Apples.
  • Prof James Carey, University of California Davis, USA: the Fruit fly.
  • Frank van de Geijn, Wageningen Food, and Biobased Research, The Netherlands: Post-harvest issues.

Growers new to the fruit game will benefit immensely from the new grower day, “Fruit Farming 101”, which will focus on the basic principles of post-harvest and tools available to maintain fruit quality after harvest. Five interactive stations will be available with experts answering questions about: Pome and stone fruit disorders such as shrivel, over-ripeness, decay, heat damage, superficial scald, mealiness and bruising.

If winning is your game, do not miss this HORTGRO Science flagship event which will keep you sharp, focused, and ahead of the pack.

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