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Hortgro submission APAC Bill

Hortgro has submitted a summary of main concerns to the portfolio committee of the department of agriculture, land reform, and rural development regarding the Agricultural Produce Agents Amendment Bill (B33 – 2020).

The Agricultural Produce Agents Act 12 of 1992 was originally drafted to  “provide for the establishment of an Agricultural Produce Agents Council and fidelity funds in respect of agricultural produce agents; for the control of certain activities of agricultural produce agents; and for matters connected therewith.”

The intention of the Act was to protect the receipt of monies on the sales of fresh produce, on the local municipal markets. The Act was not drafted with export agents in mind. There is a significant difference between local market agents and export agents regarding their operations and attendant risks. The proposed Amendment Bill is fundamentally flawed as it fails to make provision for these differences. It demonstrates a lack of understanding of the intricacies and complexity of the export agents’ operations. Its implementation will undermine the fresh produce industry.

Hortgro stakeholders who want to see the full submission document are welcome to request it by sending a mail to:


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