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Grant Smuts

OSH Reinecke Frontrunner Award 2022: Grant Smuts

Grant Smuts, a stone fruit producer and owner of Smuts Bros. Robertson, has served on the deciduous fruit industry’s Research Council since 1998, later as chairman of the Hortgro Science Advisory Board. Today, he continues to provide valuable input on the Hortgro Stone board as vice-chair.

Grant also serves on several other industry boards and committees: Director of Hortgro Stone, as well as a board member of the Canning Fruit Growers Association (CFPA), and he also serves on the board of directors of the Ashton Fruit Producers Cooperative – where he played a leading role in negotiations with Tiger Foods last year.

Beyond decades-long service to the industry, Grant is also an industry leader in the Robertson region. During unrest between foreign workers in the Robertson area, Grant led the talks with the government and other stakeholders.

Over many decades Grant has been the flag bearer for the stone fruit industry. He is a great supporter of research in good times and bad, a sounding board that balances and always brings with him calm wisdom.

In addition to his service to the industry, he also expanded his own agribusiness from a family farm to a mega-business, where he is known for valuing the interests of his workers.

Grant Smuts is a worthy and deserving recipient of the OSH Reinecke Industry Leader Award for 2022.

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