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Ruby Star 02


The Agricultural Research Council (ARC) and the South African Deciduous Fruit Industry formed a joint venture to commercialise the ARC-bred plum cultivars discussed below.

Over the past decade, Culdevco Pty Limited has established itself as a major player in the international arena of deciduous fruit licensing and the commercialisation of deciduous fruit varieties. Culdevco makes use of experienced independent evaluators, technical advisors, producers, and other independent third-party organisations to further assist in identifying cultivars that will keep clients ahead of the competition.

Culdevco commercialised a number of plum cultivars to the South African Stone Fruit Industry during the last couple of years. Four of these plum cultivars have already made a significant impact on plum exports from South Africa. We added a fifth plum cultivar, namely Flavour Star, to the four commercial plum cultivars. The intention of this article is to provide more information on these five plum cultivars (Flavour Star, Ruby Crisp, Ruby Sun, Ruby Star, African Delight) for current and future plum growers and other stakeholders. Find more information at

Information provided in this article was compiled with the assistance of the following industry experts: Charl Stander (Freshness First), Gielie Bester (In2stone), Arrie de Kock (Consultant), Hein Agenbag (Culdevco) and Pierre Rossouw (Stems).

Download full document here: Culdevco Plum article. 2020

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