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Urgent: Compulsory water meters

Important notice for primary agriculture and agribusinesses, as published in the Government Gazette of 17 January 2020:

 All water users that undertake commercial irrigation and who do not belong to a water user association or irrigation board required to install meters and report on consumption within 30 days.

The acting DG of the Department has evoked his authority under section 22(2), read with Schedule 3, Item 4 of the National Water Act, to require all water users undertaking commercial irrigation to install water meters. This notice follows on a similar requirement imposed in 2017 onto irrigators who belong to irrigation boards or water user associations.

The installation must take place within 30 days of this notice, calculated as the 17th of February and the costs are for the account of each user. The specifications for the water meter must meet those outlined in the 2017 publication. Water users falling outside of an irrigation board or water user association must submit monthly reports to the relevant Water Management Agency as outlined in the Guideline for Water Users issued by the Department.

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