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Newsletter 2

Western Cape Bee Industry Association Sets New Guideline Tariff for Pollination Services

The Western Cape Bee Industry Association (WCBA) has announced a new guideline tariff for the essential pollination services provided by honey bees in the province. Effective immediately, the guideline tariff for pollination services is set at R1266,70 per hive (excluding VAT). The previous rate was R1121 (excluding VAT). This decision comes after careful consideration of various factors impacting the beekeeping industry and is in alignment with the current inflation rate.

The pollination of food crops by honey bees plays a vital role in agricultural production, contributing significantly to the yield and quality of various crops across the Western Cape. Beekeepers within our association undertake a meticulous and costly process to ensure that their hives are prepared to meet the rigorous standards set down by the WCBA for optimal pollination. This includes an average colony strength of eight deep brood frames covered in bees.

The establishment of the new guideline tariff takes into account the escalating costs faced by beekeepers in fulfilling their crucial role in agriculture. One such challenge is the rising cost of fuel required to transport hives from apiaries to farms and back again.

Moreover, beekeepers incur ever increasing expenses associated with the procurement of materials for beehives, labour, and other essential resources.

It is important to emphasize that the WCBA remains committed to upholding the highest standards of pollination services. Beekeepers affiliated with our association are expected to adhere to best practices and comply with the rigorous pollination standards established by the WCBA. Through continuous training and education, we strive to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of pollination activities to benefit both farmers and consumers alike.

The establishment of the new guideline tariff reflects our dedication to supporting beekeepers and fostering a thriving beekeeping industry in the Western Cape. By providing fair compensation for pollination services, we aim to incentivize continued investment in beekeeping practices and ensure the availability of healthy honey bee populations for future generations.

The Western Cape Bee Industry Association is confident that the new guideline tariff for pollination services will serve the best interests of beekeepers, farmers, and the broader community. We extend our appreciation to all stakeholders for their ongoing support and collaboration as we work together to sustainably manage and enhance pollination activities in the Western Cape.

For further information, please contact the WCBA at: or Herman Brink, vice chairperson, on 082-8549341.

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