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Hortgro Nico Du Preez

Ownership is the ultimate in transformation

The success story of the Haarlem Community by Gerrit Rautenbach It all started many years ago because of water. In 1963 the then Coloured Affairs Department of the governing National Party of South Africa bought the farm Anhalt because the…



Ten noticeable years of transformation The Pome and Stone Fruit Industry have put their money where their mouths are since 2010 regarding transformation and sustainable development. Over the last 10 years, transformation initiatives were refocused on training, worker welfare, and…

Hortgro Hortfin Web

LEAD BY EXAMPLE – The story behind Hortfin

Text: Glenneis  Kriel The South African deciduous fruit industry, the Jobs Fund, and Land Bank recently launched Hortfin – an R600 million ring-fenced debt fund aimed at providing innovative and comprehensive financing and support systems in a manner that will…

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