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2023 22(3) Safj Hortgro Technical Forelle

Forelle vertel hulle storie

In die Warm Bokkeveld lewer eeu-oue Forelle-bome uit die vormingsjare van ons vrugtebedryf steeds elke jaar getrou hulle oes. Deur Anna Mouton. Daar is vele Metusalems onder Suid-Afrikaanse peerbome, maar dié is nietemin spesiaal. Hulle deel hul geskiedenis met bedryfsvaders…


FruitFly Africa retains markets

Area-wide fruit fly control helps South African fruit retain global market share. The Mediterranean fruit fly or Medfly is a global menace to fruit production. Both Medfly and its close relative, the Cape fruit fly, are phytosanitary pests. South African fruit…

Dsc 5095 000011 01

Value adding on fruit farms

Lox, stock and barrel Loxtonia cider of Ceres’ story by Gerrit Rautenbach. “The fact that we started making cider is because we’ve got sun in South Africa. An abundance of sun. Resulting in a high percentage of sunburn and related…

Cover Crop1

All about the cover crop trial

By Elise-Marie Steenkamp Matthew Addison, Crop Protection Manager at Hortgro Science, explains the nitty-gritty of the cover crop research project with trial sites in the Warm and the Koue Bokkeveld. TRIAL LAYOUT The layout of the trial consists of four…

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