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SIZA audits now visible on the GLOBALG.A.P. Database

SIZA audits now visible on the GLOBALG.A.P. Database New connection between platforms The partnership between GLOBALG.A.P. and SIZA is set to make supply chain sustainability and ethical trading now streamlined as SIZA audits will be much more accessible. GLOBALG.A.P. will not only display actual SIZA audit information, but also SIZA status updates to improve the transparency of South African ethical trade requirements for global trade. SIZA and GLOBALG.A.P. platforms will be connected via an Application Programming Interface (API). This connection between the two companies will improve GLOBALG.A.P.’s leading global certification program. Agriculture businesses in South Africa will be able to access information about third-party audits much more easily.

On the partnership, Kristian Moeller, CEO of GLOBALG.A.P., said: “I congratulate SIZA on sharing the same mindset by implementing this API feature. This is another milestone in delivering our objective of finding all relevant information about farm assurance in one place and in real time. The key is the GLOBALG.A.P. Number (GGN).” The GLOBALG.A.P. Database link is set to be live and active in a matter of weeks, contributing to the GLOBALG.A.P. sustainability mission to connect farmers, consumers, and retailers together to safeguard resources and bring safe food to the global market. For SIZA, the relationship with GLOBALG.A.P. ensures that their social audits and, in the future, also their environmental audits can be reviewed by global market players with complete ease.

Retha Louw, CEO of SIZA, said: “For SIZA and the South African agricultural industry, the partnership with GLOBALG.A.P. to develop an API link for sharing audit data and information helps to ensure that South African products are available to consumers in global markets. SIZA believes that partnerships with global players are extremely important because alone SIZA can make a difference in the South African agricultural industry, but together we can do so much more to drive continuous improvement and to establish and sustain good practices on farms. If everyone moves forward together, then success takes care of itself.”
Achieving regulated farming standards will allow South Africa to become a recognized global leader in ethical trade, sustainable farming, and environmental stewardship. Since 2008, SIZA has worked to harmonize global ethical trade requirements in South Africa and the partnership with GLOBALG.A.P. improves their ability to support and train individuals and businesses in the agricultural industry in regard to best practices and sustainability. The partnership between the two companies was announced on 14 February 2017 during the Fruit Logistica conference in Berlin. The mutual press conference introduced the partnership and explained its impact on the future of farm certification. SIZA’s relationship with GLOBALG.A.P. will

About SIZA
SIZA, the Sustainability Initiative of South Africa, is enabling the South African agriculture sector to become a global leader in sustainable farming, ethical trade, and environmental stewardship. It has been harmonizing global ethical trade requirements in a South Africa context since 2008. Furthermore, it improves supply chain sustainability, ensuring compliance and reducing risks, while at the same time supporting and training with regard to best practices and continuous improvement. Verification is via third-party audits. Supply chain visibility is provided via electronic databases, the reputation of suppliers and retailers is protected, and duplication and costs are kept at a minimum.

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GLOBALG.A.P. is a leading global certification program whose mission is to bring farmers and retailers together to produce and market safe food to protect scarce resources and build a sustainable future.
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