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SIZA audits will in future be visible on GLOBALG.A.P and the two are now linked. Read more here:190516__siza_gg_pressrelease_en And Fruit SA has released the Strategic Fruit Industry Transformation Plan. Download it here:fruit-industry-transformation-strategy-digital Find the SIZA June newsletter in English here:…


SIZA audits now visible on the GLOBALG.A.P. Database

SIZA audits now visible on the GLOBALG.A.P. Database New connection between platforms The partnership between GLOBALG.A.P. and SIZA is set to make supply chain sustainability and ethical trading now streamlined as SIZA audits will be much more accessible. GLOBALG.A.P. will…

Hendrik Se Padda

Do you have a frog in your orchard?

A new approach that could transform agriculture in the region is gaining traction. Jorisna Bonthuys takes a look at regenerative agriculture and how it relates to the horticultural sector in the article: Rooting for a sustainable future – Unlocking regenerative farming.…


Retha Louw – Guardian Of Sustainability

Focus on women in agriculture: Words: Carmé Naudé The saying goes, behind every man, there is a strong woman, and within agriculture, there are multiple strong forces to be reckoned with. One such force is Retha Louw the CEO of…

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