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The value of independent evaluation in 2020

Provar was established in 2013 as a cultivar development and support company, with a focus on independent, objective, and scientific evaluation and data management; in order to ensure complete independence and facilitating buy-in of potential clients.

In 2015 Hortgro Pome, Hortgro Stone, Hortgro Dried Tree Fruit (DTF), and Canning Fruit Producers Association (CFPA) engaged Provar as an independent cultivar evaluation company. Provar also serves private commercial fruit entities, fruit breeders, licensees, IP owners, and SA Fruit Industry.

At the recent producer information day, held by the CPFA/Hortgro DTF, Provarโ€™s Iwan Labuschagne and Carl Hรถrstmann gave an overview of their achievements over the past years and a summary of their 2019-20 activities.

Provar’s work currently spans 30 evaluation sites, with:

  • 101 Unique stone fruit cultivars/selections = 159 evaluations
  • 119 Unique apple cultivars / selections = 281 evaluations
  • 24 Unique pear cultivars / selections = 49 evaluations


To find out more, download their presentation here: provar-presentation-ipv-18082020

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