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By Grethe Bestbier QUICK FACTS: Good results despite difficult circumstances Faced with a challenging environment and difficult climate conditions, the team on Bestuis Farm in Klapmuts had their work cut out for them. Despite difficult circumstances such as limited water…

African Delight 2 Van Deventer Boord

“BAKGAT” ORCHARD SERIES: St Kilda Farm, Bonnievale

Text: Grethe Bestbier What Worked Well, and Why? The success of this block is mainly the result of a combination of three factors: a good soil, a plum tree-filled environment and an early-blooming cultivar.  While many plum growers struggle with…

Rocklands Crop Newsletter

NEW SERIES: BAKGATBOORDE – Rocklands rocking its packouts

In the industry, there are quite a few young orchards that perform exceptionally well despite difficult climatic conditions. To acknowledge the hard work that goes into producing top quality fruit, Hortgro Science is launching the “Bakgatboord Series” . Over the…

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