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Logistics update and the Cape Town port

By Jacques du Preez 25 March 2022 We were hopeful that the situation in the Cape Town port would improve after the issues encountered over December 2021 and into January/February 2022, but despite some glimmers of hope of clearing the…

Cargo Ships Entering One Of The Busiest Ports In The World, Singapore.

Cape Town Port Situation

Currently, the industry is in a very precarious position with the current operational status of the Cape Town (CT) port.  The industry, and country, is losing millions of Rands on a daily basis due to inefficiencies resulting in berthing delays…

Ripe Purple Plum Fruits With Green Leaves Isolated

South African plum industry at crossroads

Press release: September 2021 South African plum growers are on the doorstep of a make-or-break season that will determine its future and sustainability. According to Hortgro’s Markets and Trade Manager, Jacques du Preez, plum growers faced many challenges over the…

Apples In Crate

Getting an apple from A to B

Most people reach into the supermarket fridge and pull out a bag of apples without much thought. Where was it grown? How did it get from the tree into a bag? How did the bag end up on the shelf?…

Apples And Pears Whole And Halved Shot From Above On White Wooden Boards


The current pome fruit season is well underway after a later start, says Jacques du Preez, Hortgro General Manager: Trade & Markets. “The season so far is 7 - 10 days later than normal. This can be attributed to a…

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