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Hortgro entomological team visits Langkloof

Members of Hortgro Science’s entomological team visited the Langkloof area in April to follow up on damage to pears possibly caused by sucking insects. Matthew Addison, Crop Protection Programme Manager, and Dr Minette Karsten, a researcher in applied entomology, met…

Xolani Storie Msc Dian

Hortgro’s Dr Xolani Siboza graduates his first MSc student

By Kara van der Berg Hortgro’s Dr Xolani Siboza’s first MScAgric student, Dian Craven, graduated from Stellenbosch University on 4 April. Dr Siboza is a Hortgro-seconded researcher in the Department of Horticultural Science at Stellenbosch University where Craven conducted his study.…

Cargo Ships Entering One Of The Busiest Ports In The World, Singapore.

Cape Town Port Situation

Currently, the industry is in a very precarious position with the current operational status of the Cape Town (CT) port.  The industry, and country, is losing millions of Rands on a daily basis due to inefficiencies resulting in berthing delays…

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European Pome Fruit Crop Forecast

A Summary from the WAPA Report: August 2021 – European forecast The World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA) released the 2021 European apple and pear crop estimate. In 2021, the apple production in the EU for the 28 top producing…

Apples And Pears Whole And Halved Shot From Above On White Wooden Boards


Despite Covid-19 and a few tough drought years, the deciduous fruit industry has been blessed with exceptional harvests in every fruit category managed by Hortgro, after “near-perfect growing conditions”. Hortgro expects a record apple and pear harvest this season, despite…

Orchard Of The Future 2018 10

Cliffhanger finish for pome fruit season

The technical production story of the recent pome fruit season concluded with a fairly happy ending given plot twists such as extreme weather events, “reliable” cultivars underperforming, and a global pandemic that almost single-handedly disrupted the fruit value chain. Despite…

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