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European Pome Fruit Crop Forecast

A Summary from the WAPA Report: August 2021 – European forecast

The World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA) released the 2021 European apple and pear crop estimate. In 2021, the apple production in the EU for the 28 top producing countries contributing to this report is estimated to be 10% higher than last year’s result, with a crop of 11.74 million tons. Overall, this year’s crop is estimated to be only 1% higher than the 3-year average. With regards to the main apple varieties, Golden Delicious production will be up by 8% with an estimated volume of 2.12 million tons. Gala is also estimated to increase by 8% to 1.56 million tons, Red Delicious is estimated at 640 000 tons (-3%), and Idared is projected to increase by 9% compared to last year’s
figures, with an estimate of 685 000 tons.

On the other hand, the EU pear crop for 2021 is estimated to decrease by 28% compared to last year to 1.604 million tons. This will be the smallest pear crop in the last decade. This volume will also signify a 27% decrease compared to the 3-year average. Conference is expected to decrease by 18% to 805 000 tons from 984 000 tons last year, Williams BC is expected to decrease by more than half (-51%) the volume of last year, Abate Fetel is also expected to significantly decrease by 73% to 66 000 tons, whilst Rocha is anticipated to increase by 36% to reach 189 000 tons.

During the Prognosfruit conference held on 05 August, the World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA) released the 2020 European apple and pear crop estimate. Some comments from the meeting are that the EU crop estimate for apples is perceived to be a season with a balanced outlook and the season is expected to start 7 days later than average. It is also reported that, across Europe, sizes are catching up to be more on the average size for this season compared to the average. The market outlook is promising to be balanced between opportunities on the domestic market as well as development on strategic export markets. WAPA will continue to monitor the developments of the Northern Hemisphere crop and will issue updates when appropriate.

Download:WAPA Summary- European Pome Fruit Crop Forecast – Aug 2021

Find the latest meeting minutes here: Minutes WAPA meeting 4 August 2021

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