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Hortgro Stone Fruit On Tree Web


9 November 2021: As the flowering, fruit set, and thinning process on stone fruit progress a clearer picture is starting to form for the 2021/22 South African stone fruit season. The plum estimate for fruit packed for the export market has…

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European Pome Fruit Crop Forecast

A Summary from the WAPA Report: August 2021 - European forecast The World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA) released the 2021 European apple and pear crop estimate. In 2021, the apple production in the EU for the 28 top producing…

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Solid pome fruit export growth in Far East

The South African 2020 apple export season has started amidst some uncertainty as to how the COVID-19 outbreak will influence international trade. What is certain though, is that there has been a strong West-East trade shift over the past two…

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Stone fruit industry’s drought battle continues

The South African stone fruit industry remains committed to supplying consumers with good quality and great tasting products as the country’s drought continues in production areas. Hortgro, the organisation which represents South Africa’s stone and top fruit industries, has been…

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