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Red Apples In Orchard

Industry set for an average pome fruit export crop in 2023

By Jacques du Preez

The 2023 harvest is in full swing, and growers are anticipating an export crop that is slightly lower than the previous season.  The lower export volumes are a result of hail experienced during November and December impacting the Ceres and to a lesser degree the Langkloof, production regions. Despite the hail, the rain during the same period provided relief to growers and ensured that there would be sufficient irrigation water to see the season through.  The season is about one week earlier compared to last year with good eating quality.

Apple export volumes are expected to decrease by 1% and pears by 3%. Late-season apple varieties such as Cripps Pink/Pink Lady® and Cripps Red/Joya® are expected to increase; by +2% and +7% respectively. This is due to newer cultivar strains with better yields and pack-outs being planted in recent years. On the pear front, Forelle is expected to maintain a normal crop of ±4mil equivalent cartons, Packhams’ Triumph volumes are anticipated to remain the same as the last two seasons whereas as the summer blushed pears such as Cheeky, Celina and Rosemarie are expecting slight increases.

Pome fruit export estimate (12.5 kg equivalent cartons)






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