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Hortgro refocusing economic development

As communicated late last year, Hortgro and the DFDC’s paths have separated given differences specifically relating to the positioning of the DFDC as a parallel operating structure to Hortgro, operational duplication of functions, and increased confusion about identity amongst interest groups (both inside and outside the industry).

Hortgro Pome and Hortgro Stone remain committed to transformation. A total of 20% of the levy will be used as effectively as possible and in the best interest of emerging producers at a national level. It will be fully aligned with the guidelines and directives of the National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC).

Therefore, the board approved the creation of an independent Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) and the creation of additional internal operational capacity within Hortgro, and closer liaison with entities such as PALS specifically regarding the utilisation of expertise and capacity in non-traditional production areas.

This method of operation is exactly the same as that followed for the other main programmes within Hortgro, namely an expert advisory committee (Hortgro Science, Trade and Market Access, Plant Materials, Training and Development and Communication) with focused internal operational capacity within Hortgro.

Please note that, given the current difficult financial situation in the industry, the respective Hortgro Pome and Hortgro Stone Boards have decided to focus the economic development initiatives on existing emerging producers for the next two to three years, rather than simply chasing new entrants.

Hortgro would therefore like to invite our emerging pome and stone fruit producers to contact Mariette and her team, for tailormade support and advice. Hortgro would also like to invite the DFDC, just like any other service provider, to submit proposals for industry project funding.

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