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Apples And Pears Whole And Halved Shot From Above On White Wooden Boards


The current pome fruit season is well underway after a later start, says Jacques du Preez, Hortgro General Manager: Trade & Markets. “The season so far is 7 – 10 days later than normal. This can be attributed to a…

Orchard Of The Future 2018 10

Cliffhanger finish for pome fruit season

The technical production story of the recent pome fruit season concluded with a fairly happy ending given plot twists such as extreme weather events, “reliable” cultivars underperforming, and a global pandemic that almost single-handedly disrupted the fruit value chain. Despite…

Ships Agility C19


“Industry high standards, agility, and resilience made quick adaptions possible.” During Week 25 of the current pome fruit season, there was a marked increase in apple exports. This in contrast to previous weeks where the impact of Covid-19 played havoc…

Apples And Pears Whole And Halved Shot From Above On White Wooden Boards

Solid pome fruit export growth in Far East

The South African 2020 apple export season has started amidst some uncertainty as to how the COVID-19 outbreak will influence international trade. What is certain though, is that there has been a strong West-East trade shift over the past two…

Mariette Kotze

Mariette Kotze joins PPECB Board

By Carmé Naudé Mariette Kotze, Hortgro’s Group Operational Manager, was recently appointed to the Perishable Products Export Control Board (PPECB), as representative of the pome and stone fruit industries.  Kotze who has been working in the deciduous fruit industry for…

Water And Apples Mini

Pome Fruit Packhouse & Cold Storage Water Risks

Water risks for pome fruit packhouses  Blue North Sustainability was contracted by the Packhouse Action Group (PAG) to conduct a study on the water risks faced by pome fruit packhouses and cold storage operations. Find an infographic summary of the…

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