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By Elise-Marie Steenkamp The fifth group of production managers enrolled in the Mazars-Hortgro learning initiative recently received their certificates. This unique learning and development programme was launched in 2019 when Hortgro engaged the services of Mazars to provide talent management…

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Mentorship is about “paying it forward”

By Kyra-Kay Rensburg Lona Odendaal has managed to secure 27 internships within the fruit industry, and more than half have gone on to complete graduate programmes and secure work within the industry. What is Odendaal’s recipe for success? She is…



In die verlede, het Hortgro opleiding en ontwikkeling gefasiliteer deur verskeie programme wat hoofsaaklik beursskemas, navorsingsprogramme en mentorskap-en opleidingsprogramme ingesluit het. Beurse, aan voorgraadse- en nagraadse studente, asook opleiding en mentorskap is maar ‘n aspek van die verskeie transformasie inisiatiewe wat…

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HORTGRO SURVEY: Skills development

Hortgro is currently conducting a study on how best it can expand its facilitation role in skills development in the deciduous fruit industry. In this task, we are assisted by Joy van Biljon and Johann Engelbrecht. Hortgro wishes to appeal to…

Adolf De Wet From Stargrow Farms In The First Aid Lecture

There’s no beating about the KBOS

The Koue Bokkeveld Opleidingsentrum (KBOS) does not beat about the bush, mince words or waste time. But they do constantly empower people with knowledge and life skills, Gerrit Rautenbach discovered. I’m on my way to Op-die-Berg and have just begun…

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