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Hortgro Frikkiejacobs Learning

Grow your people…grow your business

By Elise-Marie Steenkamp Why should an orchard supervisor need to know how pollination and fruitset work on apple and pear trees? Or the difference between “kruisbestuiwer” and “bestuiwer”? Or how much an apple costs in Europe?  Or the significance of…


Retha Louw – Guardian Of Sustainability

Focus on women in agriculture: Words: Carmé Naudé The saying goes, behind every man, there is a strong woman, and within agriculture, there are multiple strong forces to be reckoned with. One such force is Retha Louw the CEO of…


Te oordeel aan die genot wat landbouwerkers uit Philani se ‘Volwasse Man’ en ‘Voluit Vrou’-kursusse put, is dit opleiding wat op die platteland broodnodig is. Op HORTGRO se aanbeveling word die kursusse vanjaar op 25 plase aan lede van die…

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