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Pruim-en-nektarien-uitdagings by Hortgro-indaba bespreek

Deur Kara van der Berg Die 2021/2022 pruim seisoen was die slegste wat die Suid-Afrikaanse steenvrugmark in jare beleef het. Om hierdie aan te spreek en die pad vorentoe uit te lê, het Hortgro in Augustus vanjaar ’n pruim-en-nektarien-indaba by…

Ripe Apricots On A Tree In Orchard

Apricots: an untapped fruit on the market

By Kara van der Berg Apricots have been eaten since ancient times. The Romans called it Praecocum – the precious one. The tiny stone fruits are packed with protein, fibre, and minerals and have been found to be effective in…

Ripe Nectarine With Leaves Isolated On White Background. Top View. Flat Lay Pattern

Hortgro Pome and Stone Budgets 2021-2022

During September 2021 the following information was shared with the respective Hortgro Pome and Hortgro Stone producer councils regarding the 2021-22 budgets: Council members received the draft 2021-2022 budgets for discussion/approval at the two council meetings (Stone, 8 September and Pome,…

Baba Boord


After a prolonged and intensive process of negotiations between Hortgro and the Agricultural Research Council (ARC), the Hortgro Pome and Stone Fruit Boards have made a decision that the industry should dis-engage itself from the ARC breeding programme with immediate…

Boland Landbouskool

Boland Landbouskool huisves Pro-Hort evaluasieblokke

Die Boland Landbouskool buite die Paarl gaan voortaan proefblokke huisves as deel van die Pro-Hort kultivar-evalueringsprogram. Dit is die eerste keer dat ‘n skool gaan deel wees van die projek. Pro-Hort, ‘n samewerkingsprogram tussen Hortgro en Provar is verlede jaar…

Prohort Web

Pro-Hort puts the value back in evaluation

Anna Mouton reports on a new programme that empowers producers to select cultivars wisely. A new programme for the evaluation of pome and stone fruit cultivars was recently launched at Klipboschlaagte near Ashton. The Pro-Hort programme is the result of…

Velddag Web


RENEWAL OF STATUTORY MEASURES – PERIOD 2019 – 2023 During the Hortgro Pome and Stone Fruit Producer Council meetings in September 2018, it was agreed that Hortgro proceeds with the process to renew statutory measures, including a new levy cycle,…



We are moving into peak stone fruit season and growers and agri-workers might need to refresh their strategies regarding stone fruit production. Download Hortgro Stone’s November Timely Hints here:timely-hints-november-2018 Laai Hortgro Stone se Tydige Wenke vir November hier af: tydige-wenke-november-2018

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