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Elke Crouch

Nuwe leierskap by Departement Hortologie

Dr. Elke Crouch neem vanaf 1 Februarie 2023 oor by dr. Esmé Louw, wat na ’n drie-jaar termyn terugstaan om op haar sagtevrugtenavorsing te fokus. Dr. Elke Crouch het in 1999 haar BScAgric vanaf die Universiteit van Pretoria behaal. Daarna…

Elke And Richard

A short history of CA in South Africa

By Engela Duvenage A veritable trip down memory lane – that’s what Dr Elke Crouch recently went on while preparing for her new responsibilities as Post-Harvest Physiology Research Chair in Deciduous Fruit at Stellenbosch University. She set off for the…

Hortgro Elke Portret2

Elke Crouch: it’s about finding out why things go wrong

By Engela Duvenage Dr Elke Crouch, newly appointed Postharvest Physiology Research Chair in Deciduous Fruit at Stellenbosch University (SU), unequivocally loves her work in the fruit industry. For one, it allows her to work closely with people who have over…

Ca Researchers Hortgro Ca Day 5 11 2019


The state-of-the-art controlled atmosphere (CA) facility at Stellenbosch University’s Horticultural Sciences’ celebrated its first birthday this year. The CA facility was made possible through an industry donation by Hortgro Pome who made the investment of R2.5m last year and aims…



THE NEW STATE-OF-THE-ART CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE FACILITY AT STELLENBOSCH UNIVERSITY AIMS TO ANSWER QUESTIONS NEVER ANSWERED BEFORE Grethe Bestbier Hortgro Pome recently invested R2.5 million in a pristine world-class controlled atmosphere (CA) research facility at Stellenbosch University (SU). Those involved, are…

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