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Hortgro entomological team visits Langkloof

Members of Hortgro Science’s entomological team visited the Langkloof area in April to follow up on damage to pears possibly caused by sucking insects. Matthew Addison, Crop Protection Programme Manager, and Dr Minette Karsten, a researcher in applied entomology, met…

Apples And Pears Whole And Halved Shot From Above On White Wooden Boards

Solid pome fruit export growth in Far East

The South African 2020 apple export season has started amidst some uncertainty as to how the COVID-19 outbreak will influence international trade. What is certain though, is that there has been a strong West-East trade shift over the past two…

Crates With Picked Pears In The Orchard


A normal pome fruit season is anticipated for the 2020 season. With good 2019 winter rain, many of the growers are able to prepare a good crop. In general, colour development and pack-outs look promising at this stage. Only on…

Stained Blue And Crackled Surface With Pears

Interpera 2019: Millennials are pear lovers!

The Interpera International Pear Congress took place in Tours, France from the 25th to 27th of June 2019.  This congress was organized by AREFLH (Assembly of European Horticultural Regions) and the French Apple and Pear Association.  The Congress included a…

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