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13 Velddag


By Matthew Addison PSHB is a top priority at Hortgro, and with respect to the progress made on the PSHB programme the following points are relevant: The PSHB workgroup met, and several priorities were listed. The proposed research group has…


Hortgro entomological team visits Langkloof

Members of Hortgro Science’s entomological team visited the Langkloof area in April to follow up on damage to pears possibly caused by sucking insects. Matthew Addison, Crop Protection Programme Manager, and Dr Minette Karsten, a researcher in applied entomology, met…

Hortgro Science Langkloof Mei 2021 2

Science in die Kloof

Deur Elise-Marie Steenkamp In Mei vanjaar het die hele span van Hortgro Science (Hugh Campbell, Wiehann Steyn, Matthew Addison en Marno van der Westhuizen) afgesak Langkloof toe. Tradisioneel besoek die span die Langkloof gewoonlik in Desember elke jaar wanneer die…

Cover Crop1

All about the cover crop trial

By Elise-Marie Steenkamp Matthew Addison, Crop Protection Manager at Hortgro Science, explains the nitty-gritty of the cover crop research project with trial sites in the Warm and the Koue Bokkeveld. TRIAL LAYOUT The layout of the trial consists of four…

Ken Pringle Monitoring Pests In The Orchards

Integrated Pest Management – Are we there yet?

By Elise-Marie Steenkamp As early as 2500 BC, Sumerian farmers used sulphur to control insects and mites on their crops, illustrating the long history of the use of chemicals in agriculture. Today, the drive to do away with agrichemicals has…

Hendrik Se Padda

Do you have a frog in your orchard?

A new approach that could transform agriculture in the region is gaining traction. Jorisna Bonthuys takes a look at regenerative agriculture and how it relates to the horticultural sector in the article: Rooting for a sustainable future – Unlocking regenerative farming.…

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